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Signed Book

           A quick word about the signed book process. Because the signed books take so much extra time and effort, the price for a signed book is $25.00 + shipping. That said, I want to provide  some insight on what that requires. To send out a signed book, I have to purchase the book from Amazon, (which I do at cost + shipping) after which, I sign it with a personal note, and ship it out to you, the reader. 

           Now that I've said that, allow me to let you in on a secret. I already have a voice actor lined up to do the Audible version of the book. The planned start date for that project is August 2023 (I hope). All funds raised by the purchase of signed copies, will go to fund the production of the audio book. 

           In the end, even if you decide not to purchase a signed copy, it warms my heart that you even considered it, and I wish you all the best on your journey through the world of Ashana. 

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