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Aetherium is a RAW (Read as written) project Novel. I will provide a link to the novel here, and update a chapter every week. While I will do my best to mitigate grammatical and structural errors, there are no editors, no proof readers, and everyone is a beta reader. I will put a link where you can suggest edits, but that's what we've got. We're working together.


I may even put out user choice polls, and allow readers to determine the fate of the characters. 

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Violence, Intense Sexual Situations, Gratuitous Profanity

Ready: Prologue
Chapter 1 begins June 10th. 

Aetherium Cover temp2.png

Aetherium presents a dark and epic sci-fi narrative set in a post-apocalyptic Earth circa 2040. Enter the world of Donovan Santiago, a scientist thrust into a decaying realm of chaos and tragedy following a devastating solar flare that renders all electrical technology useless. An unforeseen side effect of the Solar-Aetherium Radiation, caused a fraction of the population gains extraordinary superhuman abilities, with some succumbing to madness while others rise as the Nephilim. Donovan, driven by a sense of duty, aligns himself with the Orion Collective, risking his own humanity to safeguard the vulnerable. Together, they navigate a treacherous landscape, battling against those who exploit the weak and striving to preserve the remnants of civilization.

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